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Creativity and Spirituality

Creativity can be mystical. As an artist haven’t you been there? That moment when up until now everything was coming from you. But now, for some reason, you realize you’re channeling something bigger than you. Creating art reminds us that we’re tapping into a deeper (or loftier) place. As artists, we surrender. At least, we do when we’re in the flow. Just like spirituality, creativity is a gateway to connecting with your authentic self.

While we’re making art, we’re also in tune with our heart, our desires, our goals. This list includes very earthly things, but it’s the spiritual aspect, the synergy of all these elements, that can make the outcome much more than the sum of its parts. In many ways, creativity and spirituality are the same. Creating and witnessing art brings a voice to our intuition, an outlet for real emotion, and a deep connection with the soul,

Then there are the artistic expressions that reflect spiritual principles. There are the pieces that exalt beauty, honesty, generosity, discernment, patience, and perseverance. 20th-century monk and spiritual writer Thomas Merton said:

“I do not insist on this division between spirituality and art, for I think that even things that are not patently spiritual, if they come from the heart of a spiritual person, are spiritual.”

Some final thoughts on spirituality and creativity:

  • We’re all creative beings.

  • Creativity is any form of expression.

  • Creativity is creativity regardless of failure or perfection.

All art forms are essential to our spiritual wealth and development. Although not every form of art is going to be considered sacred or religious, there’s art that can release something profoundly emotional, like great sadness or great joy. Or art that conveys a truth. Or art that is pure beauty. When these things happen, it’s a spiritual gift.

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