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Cathryn Hankla on American Spark

Cathryn Hankla sits down with May-Lily Lee on St. Patrick's Day to discuss her new book of poetry, Galaxies. Cathryn is the author of four fiction novels and nine books of poetry. She has won the James Boatwright III Poetry Prize and a PEN Syndicated Fiction Award. Her work has been published in numerous magazines across the country. She also teaches at her alma mater, Hollins University where she is the Poetry Editor for The Hollins Critic and chairperson for the English & Creative Writing Department.

You can’t be a shut down person and be a writer. You have to stay curious and stay open to experience.
The outdoors is really important to me. I feel like it does inform my work so much but now unfortunately when I write about nature I realize people really don’t relate to it the way I do.
May-Lily Lee